Yoga Flow: Dolphin / Forearm Planks

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This sequence is fantastic for core strength & shoulder stability. Why work on Planks so much? Because they target your entire core and-- if done correctly— your whole body is engaged. When you’ve mastered a standard plank, try this routine! Insert it into your yoga practice or try it on its own... routine listed at the end.

*If you have an old shoulder injury, Dolphin Pose should be approached carefully. It strengthens & opens the shoulders, so self awareness is necessary when shifting in and out of Dolphin even for strong, healthy shoulders. Remember: if it hurts, don’t do it!

To get into Dolphin Pose, start in all fours and place the elbows directly under the shoulders. Wrap your hands to opposite elbow (shown in video) to get the correct placement down, then hold hands to form a sturdy tripod foundation as you press into the mat. Tuck the toes to lift off into Dolphin. Keep your knees as bent as you need to. You must have engaged shoulders and shoulder blades... pull your shoulder blades down and away from your neck. Aim your tailbone up.

Options to add in:
•Lift 1 leg at a time...with control, not momentum.
•Stabilize the shoulders and walk your feet back to Forearm Plank.
•Rainbow Planks: For the obliques!! From Forearm Plank, alternate lowering one hip down toward/to the floor. This is also good practice for rotating your feet and getting more confident in Side Plank. If it hurts your feet, do it with athletic shoes on.
•From Forearm Plank, engage the core and lift the hips, without moving the feet.

Stand Alone Routine:
Get warm first... walk a few minutes, etc. Make some big arm and shoulder movements to warm up the shoulders.
Dolphin Pose: 5-10 breaths
Alternate Leg Lifts: x5-10
Forearm Plank: 5-10 breaths
Rainbow Planks: x5-10
Lift Hips: 5-10 breaths
Repeat 1-2 more times

Do what you can, and remember practice makes progress.

Love & Light.

Music by Evan Schaeffer,

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