Kneeling Side Plank Recap

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Kneeling Side Plank is such a great way to gain strength in your wrists, arms, shoulders, core, legs, and improve your balance— so many benefits! It’s also great for building up to a full Side Plank, as it helps you to understand the strength and stability needed for a safe Side Plank.This post is for those of you who are working on your Kneeling Side Plank, or those building up to a full Side Plank. Read on for 6 options that I’ve shown in prior posts. ​

On your journey to Side Plank, a nice plan would be to learn planks in this order: Kneeling Plank, Plank, Kneeling Side Plank and then Side Plank. Progress them in that order to stay safe and ensure you're actually ready for the next progression.​Add these into your routine when you’re able to hold a Kneeling Side Plank confidently. They will challenge your strength and your balance, because you’re constantly having to stabilize.

Here they are:

•Holding Kneeling Side Plank confidently, with yoga block (or any sturdy rectangular object)

•Making big arm circles or reach over the ear. You can also try lifting the top leg. Maybe even try both at the same time.

•Gate Pose: Hold it, or flow back and forth from Kneeling Side Plank to this version of Gate where the arms reach in opposite directions. Feel your obliques workin’ hard!

•Gate: Stretch the arm up, possibly having a slight side bend if it feels nice.

•Ab Crunch: bring the knee to the elbow. Do a few, or as many as you can, flowing with breath.

•Rotation: Reach your top arm under the opposite underarm area, while keeping the hips stable. Then reach the arm back up. Flow with breath.

Think of progressing these by holding them longer or adding more repetitions. Happy planking, and remember... practice makes progress.

Love & Light.

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