Next Level Side Planks

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I love seeing progress in the classes I teach, and we’ve made so much progress this month toward our goal of learning Side Plank pose. If you've also been working towards a full side plank, read on for tips and modifications.
The first option in the photo above is Dolphin Side Plank (Forearm Side Plank). The second option brings the top leg in front for a little extra help with balance, which may help you stabilize the shoulders.Here are a few alignment tips to help you along the way.

•Aways, always, always activate your shoulders (especially the weight bearing shoulder) to prevent injury. Another way to think of it is to prevent any sagging IN the shoulder joint.
•Activate the LEGS! You will be wobbly if you don’t.

Version #1:
• In Forearm Side Plank, make sure the elbow is under the shoulder. Again, this is to protect the shoulder. This pose may not ever be comfortable, but it should NOT ever hurt. If you feel strained, take a peek and check for correct alignment.
•Forearm Side Plank is a huge wake up call to your obliques, so squeeze them hard to try to get your body in a straight line. In addition to holding this pose, you can add in some variety with hip dips…lower the bottom hip down, and lift back up.
•Finally, I show stacked feet in the photo, but you can always stagger them if it’s more comfortable.

Version #2:
• In the second version shown here, simply take your top leg and place it in front of you. Find grounding in the foot and make sure your knee points in line with your toes so that you don’t strain it. The knee should be at a sturdy, 90 degree angle.

Try it out, and let me know how it’s going!

Love & Light.

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