Boat Pose No-Nos

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Boat pose is awesome for building deep core strength. Read on for a quick reminder of proper form for boat and noting common misalignments.
Try for the top photo... keep your spine long, shoulders aligned (not rounded) and even keep your legs and feet active. Everything is active in Boat. Think of lifting up into it, not balancing.The bottom photo shows the most common ways to fall out of correct alignment in Boat, which is to let your spine round (see that my lower back as well as my shoulders are rounding), and I’m almost balancing on my tailbone (a no-no! ouch!). My feet aren't active, indicating I'm not using dynamic tension all over the body to support the pose. Lastly, notice my neck and head reaching forward. Again, this comes back to neutral spinal alignment.

For a full description of how to get into Boat Pose see my post Boat Pose Breakdown.

Love & Light.

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