For Your Core

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This short, effective, stand-alone workout is great for targeting the core and arms. Put on your favorite music, take your dog on a walk to get a little warm, and then try this for 4 rounds!
I've sped it up a little, so don't feel the need to go at this pace.I hope it goes without saying, but simply do what you can! If 10 reps is too many for these, try 5 or 8! If 4 rounds is too much, try it for 2 or 3! Try to have some fun with it.
The workout:
• Warm Up for a few minutes
• Sunbird: x10 per side
• Knee to Elbow Planks from Downward Dog:  x10 per side
(going to the same side elbow, then opposite elbow)
• Forearm Plank Ab Crunch: x10
• Forearm Plank Hip Lifts: x10
• Half Boat or Full Boat: 5 breaths
Do up to 4 Rounds
• Cool Down and Stretch
Love & Light.
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