Life Hack: Essential Oils + Wool Dryer Balls

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Recently I made a purchase that I'm so excited about, it’s ridiculous. Wool Dryer Balls... yep. I haven't been in the habit of using fabric softener or dryer sheets in years. It’s just personal preference, but I don’t really like to use anything that I don’t have to use. What I do like to do, is to put a couple drops of lavender essential oil on a damp washcloth and place it in the dryer to give sheets and towels a nice scent. I do that instead of dryer sheets. 

But now, I've discovered these wool dryer balls and that's all I use anymore. They're so practical... read on for why I now can't live without them.

For starters, I’ve been trying to find new uses for essential oils. This is my new favorite: place a couple drops of lavender on a wool dryer ball or two. It nicely scents your laundry and the wool dryer balls speed up your drying time by constantly shaking loose the wet items in the dryer to keep things circulating. You can naturally scent your laundry, all while being eco-friendly and cutting down your dryer time. Actually, the wool balls soften your laundry so much, you don't even need anything else (like fabric softener). If you have sensitive skin to detergents or chemicals, this is wonderful news. 

I’ve used the rubbery dryer balls for years, and these wool ones work so much better. It has cut my drying time a lot with large laundry loads, sheets, and towels.

Here are the wool dryer balls that I own, and I highly recommend them. They are 100% wool, handmade, chemical free, and come in a pack of 6. I place 3-4 in a medium load, and all 6 in a large load. To scent my sheets and towels, I place a couple drops of pure lavender oil on 2 or 3 of the balls.  

[As long as you're using a pure essential oil (i.e. not diluted with another oil), it shouldn't stain your clothes, or rub off at all. I'm a big believer in DoTerra Oils. Their oils are high quality, pure and have a ton of uses. You certainly don't have to use that brand, just make sure that what you are buying is pure.]

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