Nine Holiday Uses For Peppermint Oil

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Peppermint oil is one of my greatest loves, and I use it a lot. I always have a bottle in my purse for the occasional headache or when I’m feeling tired. If you’re not familiar with peppermint oil and the many uses for it, here’s a great link right from DoTerra that will give you a good start. Just remember, peppermint oil is really strong! So a little goes a long way.Since I love it so much, my sister in law recently had a great idea… write a holiday post on some festive uses for peppermint oil (thanks, Allison!). I really tried hard to only put things in this particular post that the average super busy person would actually attempt... so if you like these ideas, there are SO many more out there for DIY household, bath, beauty and even food recipes.

Here they are... nine EASY, fast, fun and festive ways to get into the holiday spirit with peppermint.

I hope these help to get you in the holiday spirit! Merry Christmas and Happy Everything!

• Put it on your Wool Dryer Balls for fresh smelling towels! Not familiar with wool dryer balls? Read my previous post, linked here, for the details on that, and find a link to the ones that I use here.

Diffuse it! Plain and simple peppermint is so festive during the holidays, or if you own other essential oils, a quick Google search for holiday diffuser recipes will give you a lot of ideas.

• Treat yo’ self to a Sugar Scrub (or make it as a gift!). Make this minty scrub after you’ve had a long day. It only takes a few minutes, and it’s not rocket science, so give it a try.
-Melt 1/3 cup coconut oil in a bowl
-Add 1 cup of sugar, stir it up well
-Then add 10-12 drops of pure peppermint essential oil and mix it all together.
-Save any leftovers in a small air-tight glass jar or container.

• Room Spray! Again, this is super easy to make and if you like it, there are tons of “recipes” out there for all kinds of scents including holiday, mood boosting, calming, balancing, etc. 
-16 oz GLASS bottle (here’s a link to the ones I use)
-add 8 oz distilled water to the bottle
-add 2 oz of witch hazel to help it stay mixed. If you don’t have this around, that’s fine, you’ll just need to shake up your spray before each use.
-add ~40 drops of oil
*Of course, you can half this recipe if you don't need this much.

-go all in with Peppermint
-a festive option that doesn’t require an incredible amount of ingredients (or require you to purchase a ton of oils): ½ peppermint  + ½ wild orange

• Enjoy a Homemade Car “Diffuser” by simply adding a few drops of oil to a cotton ball and stashing it in your car. Peppermint is a great option for any time of year because it’s so fresh and is invigorating for long or stressful drives. 

• Add it to Hot Chocolate:
Here is a recipe straight from DoTerra. However, the shortcut is: 
-Make your hot chocolate
-Then add a drop of peppermint to a toothpick, and swirl it in your hot chocolate

Massage: Use a tiny bit of peppermint (diluted with your massage oil, of course) or blend it with lavender. 

• Apply Topically: Rub on your temples when feeling tired, low energy, tension, or for an overall energy boost. Remember, it’s strong, so just the tiniest of dabs will be plenty. 

• Add it to a Smoothie! Here is a link that has a delicious Christmas Peppermint Smoothie recipe. As mentioned in the link, if you use Peppermint Essential Oil for these recipes, just a drop will be plenty. 


*Please DO ask your doctor if pregnant or nursing before using Peppermint oil.*Don't have peppermint oil? Find oils here on my DoTerra page. Great for stocking stuffers.

*As always, my Amazon links are through my Amazon Affiliate membership, so I earn a small fee if you purchase through my link. 🙂

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