Spring Cleaning Your Life: Thoughts on the Spring Equinox

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It’s here! The first day of spring! Excitement is everywhere if you’ll take the time to notice it. It’s in nature waking up, buds forming on trees, more sunlight, warmer temperatures, and for a lot of us, more smiles and much better moods. The spring equinox is one of two days of the year where night and day are in balance. But for most of us, it simply means the first day of spring and that makes us really, really happy.Lots of people get the urge to spring clean this time of year. We can apply this to our life, and even our yoga practice, not just to old clothes that you no longer wear or bad gifts that you’re afraid to throw away. How? Keep reading...

We can spring clean our lives, habits, thought patterns, calendar, and really any part of our existence, by letting go of things that no longer add positive value to our lives. We can let go of those things that no longer serve us, things that do not help us be at our best, things that stress us out, or things that are holding us back in some way. If we let go of these things, habits, commitments, people, thoughts, etc., then we can make way for new things in our lives. Now that’s a good thing.Spring is a time of excitement, adventure, play, and new life. Therefore, it’s THE perfect time to really think about and clarify what you want in your life. What is it you want to manifest? What dream, new beginning, or adventure are you after?

So… maybe do some spring cleanin’ in your life. Have the courage to let go of the old, worn out, not-working-for-me-anymore stuff. Make way for new stuff, new adventures, new life, and new opportunities.

We have had a theme of this the entire month of March in my local yoga classes (whether they wanted to or not). I’ve spent time reading, thinking and compiling thought provoking questions for our classes. I’ve even incorporated Sun Pose (aka Goddess Pose), to bring heat, challenge, and lightheartedness to class. I've tried to throw thought provoking meditations at them. So here’s a friendly reminder that your yoga practice isn’t about standing on your hands or wrapping your foot behind your head. Your yoga practice is about self-realization and becoming your best self. Yoga teaches us to let go, to try new things, to learn our strengths and weaknesses, to be humbled and to be vulnerable. Let’s make a real effort to not put so much emphasis on getting a six-pack and instead on evolving into your best self.

Spring is the perfect time. It’s THE time for new beginnings.

Listed below are some questions that my classes have heard (or will hear) during the month of March. I hope one resonates with you. The idea is not necessarily to use them literally, but to think about them and alter them to fit you and where you're at right now. Choose one at a time, or use them all at once. Whatever works for you.

•What do I need to let go of in order to make space for new things and/or new adventures?
•What do I want to create/manifest in my life this spring?
•What lessons did I learn this winter, and how can that help me going forward?
•Or just breathe with it throughout your yoga practice. Here are a couple examples…
{Inhale} Creating Space / {Exhale} Letting Go
{Inhale}  New / {Exhale} Old
{Inhale}  New Life / {Exhale} That Which No Longer Serves Me

I hope you have an amazing spring.

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