Nothing is Wasted

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NOTHING is wastedI got inspired to write this little post while looking at this photo of myself in forearm stand. No, not in a vain way, but more of an introspective way. I got to thinking about how long I've actually been working up to *this* pose, how much work it took, and maybe mostly how much heart it took. The phrase NOTHING is wasted has become a motto of mine, and I can claim that through ALL parts of my life, including my yoga practice

I’m smiling at this picture I took over the weekend and thinking about how many times I fell over the years trying to do forearm stand. It took me months of practice to finally get enough strength for it. Now, years later, I’m able to play around in it and add fun leg options to it. With ANYthing worth doing, you gotta keep trying. You’re gonna fall a lot, but every time you fall, you get stronger, better, or smarter…. Something improves. Nothing is wasted. Not a bad phrase to remember off the mat as well.Your challenges, falls, pain, sufferings are not wasted, either. Thank you, God, for using every. Single. Bit.

Love & Light

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