Plank March : A Total Body Move

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This exercise may just be your new go-to workout when you don't have extra time in your day. I have a love-hate relationship with it. I love it for how effective it is, but it's HARD. The next time you find you don't have time for a proper workout, try this as a mini-workout instead of doing nothing.
​If you've been reading my blog, then you know I'm a huge believer that small decisions add up in a big way. Just doing something is better than doing nothing. It's more important to make a lifestyle out of being active than it is to force long or intense workouts only occasionally. Consistency is key. My Exercise Manifesto is one of my favorite posts that I've written, and it explains my perspective on being active.The Plank March is a total body move. You'll understand quite quickly that it not only works the front of your abs, but your obliques as well. It builds strength in the shoulders, arms, wrists, and legs, too... much like a normal plank does, but this version bumps up the intensity.

If you're new to Planks in general, the first step is understanding how to do one safely. (Lucky you, here's my post with a video on how to do a plank.) Practice a Plank and get the hang of it for a while. When you can hold one for a minute or so, then you can start to progress it and add in "fun" options like the Plank March.

Here's my video tutorial on how to do it:

​How to add this move into your busy day:

Watch my video tutorial (above), then turn on your favorite workout music, and try it out yourself. Start with just getting the hang of it a few times, then try 3-5 repetitions in a row (progressing this as it becomes easier over time by adding in more repetitions). Take a short break, and do 2 more sets.Then pat yourself on the back for investing in your health and not letting a busy day get the best of you. Remember, working out for 5 minutes is much better than working out for 0 minutes.

Love & Light.

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