Summer Solstice: A Fresh Start

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Last week contained the summer solstice: the first day of summer and longest day of the year. I really, really enjoy when dates like this roll around because I think it's a great time to reflect. The summer solstice is a very appropriate time halfway through the year to stop and take notice of how life is going. ​
At the summer solstice, I like to stop and think:
• How's my year going?
• How has life been for me since January 1st?
• What do I want to develop during the second half of the year?Every year is different and brings me new lessons. Sometimes I'm on track nicely to meet some of the goals I dreamed about at New Year's, and sometimes I'm not.

​The solstice can be a time of new beginnings and clarifying a fresh focus for you. Reflect and acknowledge how far you've come. Set some intentions for what you want to create the rest of this year. And over all of that, layer in love. Be kind to yourself about all of it. Many times life doesn't turn out the way we imagined it would, so layering in love and kindness is essential.

Even though the solstice was last week, it doesn't mean that you've missed the boat. You can still hit the reset button. View it like this: a fresh start and a new focus. The exact date doesn't matter. What does matter is noticing where you're at in life and how you're doing. If things aren't working for you in 2019, change them. If things are working for you, celebrate your progress. If something is holding you back, do something about it. You can't expect change without actually making some changes. Again: a fresh start and a new focus. The second half of your year is full of possibilities. Dream big.

Love & Light.

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