Small Town Yogini's Gift Guide: 2019

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I look forward to this post every year! Here, you'll find gift ideas for a wide variety of interests and in a wide variety of price ranges. These are items that I personally own, enjoy, and recommend. {For more inspiration, here are links to my gift guide from 2018 and also my gift guide from 2017.}

BUT... remember, stuff is just stuff. The best gift you can give someone you love is your TIME and attention. A great gift would be an activity together and putting your phone away for it. A gift doesn't have to cost money. Don't sweat the small stuff this holiday season! Spend time with your loved ones and have a healthy dose of gratitude

Xoxo,Merry Christmas, & Happy Everything.  đź™‚*My Amazon links are through my Amazon Affiliate membership, so I earn a small fee (at  zero additional cost to you) if you purchase through my link, which helps my blog out. Thanks, friends!

For The Yogi 

A good mat will revolutionize your yoga practice. These two yoga mats are still my favorite mats. I use both weekly. The Jade Harmony is rubber, grippy, and comes ready-to-use. This is what I teach on. The Manduka PROLite is heavier and denser. It needs a little break-in time, but has a lifetime warrantee. I couldn't choose a favorite between the two, so I've listed both. I written about them before in more detail if you're deciding between the two in this post 8 Tips For Choosing a Yoga Mat.

A high quality yoga strap is a really nice addition to one's yoga practice. It makes certain stretches more accessible, binds more available, and can be added to many types of poses. Here's the one I use in my personal practice.

For The Fitness Lover

I added both of these items to my home gym this year...

I ended up loving my TRX system so much I decided to go to a training on it so that I can now teach it. The TRX takes up minimal space (if you don't have much space at home), and you can easily travel with it. It uses bodyweight exercises with a suspension system (you can use a door frame with no damage to your door) and helps with functional movement. 
These bands are thick, won't roll up, super high quality and I looooove them. I add them into my routine for glute work. If you're not familiar with bands, you can follow their instagram account  (@theXbands) for lots of ideas and tips. They, too, take up hardly any space at all if you are looking for small but effective pieces to use at home.

FOR The Coffee Lover

I love my morning coffee. This is a gift I received last year for Christmas. I was new to pour over coffee, but it really is delicious. You'll need specific filters for pour over coffee, so I've added them below to save you some time. It would be a nice gift to give together. Here is the one I have...

I also received this digital gooseneck electric kettle last year to go with my pour over coffee set. The gooseneck makes the pour over system a LOT easier because you need to trickle the hot water over the coffee, not dump. If you add too much water, too fast, the filter will break. The gooseneck is easy to aim and pour, and also allows you to control the speed of the hot water much better, which contributes to why pour over coffee is so good.
I love hot coffee, but my husband loves cold brew coffee. I gave him this a few months ago and he loves it. It has held up well, is very easy to use, and makes very good cold brew coffee.


This is a great gift book. It's short essays from a former column in Oprah's magazine. Whether you are a big fan of hers or not, these essays are very wise and uplifting. I have used it many times as inspiration for meditations in the yoga classes I teach. Most of the essays are only a page or two, so it's easy to pick up whenever you want to. 
I just ordered this for myself. Wabi Sabi: Japanese Wisdom For A Perfectly Imperfect Life by Beth Kempton. I have not finished it yet, but have really enjoyed it. If you're not familiar with the term wabi sabi, it's a Japanese concept for appreciating imperfections and flaws, and embracing that everything is transient. It's a whole new way to look at the world and how you live. 
I can never recommend this one enough. I've blogged about it, recommended it in last year's gift guide, and recommended it in my monthly email newsletter. I use it ALL the time in the yoga classes I teach, and often just as personal encouragement. It's great

Kitchen and home Stuff

I can honestly say we use this blender almost daily. Great for: smoothies, shakes, marinades, sauces, pesto, spices, and frozen drinks. (Wink.) It comes with a couple different sized containers to blend in, which you can drink your smoothie right out of the cup. It's dishwasher safe and is easier than a standard blender because it takes up less space in your dishwasher. It does a perfect job every time of blending— no leftover chunks of ice or fruit. I personally own the first one listed below, but there is also a smaller version I'm including, too. You can order extra cups as well. 

This is my favorite cookbook ever: All About Braising by Molly Stevens. I love to braise when the weather gets cooler. If you don't know how to braise, Molly tells you how. Braising takes time, but is not hard. These recipes are delicious. I've truly never had a bad meal from it.  
 I do all my braising in my Martha Stewart Enamel Cast Iron Dutch Oven. I have the 6 quart size and it's almost always big enough. This line is sold through Macy's. I've had mine for years now and I use it often... it's still in awesome shape. Macy's has these on big sales around the holidays (for around $50), plus free shipping. I also use this for soups, chili, and spaghetti sauce.
This Maverick Instant Read Digital Thermometer is such a great kitchen addition. I've used it for roasting meats, and my husband uses it when grilling and smoking meats. (Did I mention he's a great cook?!) We can both vouch for this one, and it would be a great gift for someone who grills or roasts often. 
This is still my favorite candle. We've had a long history of about 10 years together. I love for this scent to fill my home. Since it's pricey (for a candle), it's always nice to receive as a gift. 
I knew I was adulting hard when I realized I got a huge kick out of these metal drinking straws. I recommended these one time in my monthly newsletter because I got tired of the paper straws falling apart. Who knew I'd enjoy them so much? They come in different sets and colors. Most people would probably chose the stainless steel ones, but I have the iridescent rainbow ones. They are great for smoothies (the large ones) or a regular drink (the skinny ones).

For The Wine Or Cocktail Drinker

This little Yeti Wine Tumbler keeps my wine chilled for tailgating, the beach, porch sitting, etc. It was a gift to me, and I've really enjoyed it. It comes in many colors, but I love my purple one.

This Bittermilk cocktail ingredient is a hit with all the dudes in my life. A great gift idea for a bourbon drinker. My husband usually uses less that the recipe calls for, so a bottle goes a long way with him. (PS: while I'm not a bourbon drinker, there is one that I like for this time of year. It is Bittermilk Gingerbread Old Fashioned, and it's mixed with dark rum. Search for it on Amazon or online, as it was out of stock at the time I am writing this.)
For the snobby cocktail drinker in your life. (Just kidding.) However, it's not for normal 2 ingredient drinks (gin + tonic, boubon + ginger ale, etc.), but more for fancy spins on cocktails and martinis. My husband loves this book. 
Last idea for the cocktail drinkers: ice cube spheres for drinks. Use one per drink. It keeps your drink cold without watering it down so much. 

For Him

Jack Black toiletries. They have all kinds of high quality (gift) items for the dudes in your life. Here's just a few ideas below, but there are tons on Amazon.

From My Closet

My favorite brand of shoes is by far Sorel. I hate shoe shopping. I know this brand fits me well, is stylish, and very comfortable for travel. (Pretty much everything in my closet has to be able to travel well.) These shoes, I can wear all day. I own all of these listed below, and cannot recommend them enough.

These two are great for city walking all day long. Even the wedges. Waterproof and comfy.

​These are my snowy-cold-weather-hiking boots. They have held up in pretty extreme snow hikes quite well. They are also cute enough to wear with regular street clothes in snow and ice. They are waterproof and wipe clean.
Next up: (unisex) Stan Smiths by Adidas. Enough Said. Cool since 1971. They never go out of style, are cute and sporty, and are comfortable. 
My newest favorite leggings for yoga: Lululemon Align High Rise in CAMO. Camo is in big time right now. These are really fun. I have a lot of these leggings, but the camo print is a special edition. Get them soon before they sell out. 

My new favorite jacket that I can't stop wearing: also by Lululemon. The Pack It Down Jacket in Smokey Blush. It's the perfect down weight. It's really cozy, warm, has a detachable hood, and it all stuffs into a small bag that is attached inside one of the pockets. (Great for travel!) I'm not a pink wearer, so this color must be special. It's really more of a silvery-lavender in real life, and I love that it can (to me) function as a neutral. It makes a down jacket seem a little more dressed up. The Smokey Blush color is also a special edition, so get it before it's out of stock. 

Best leggings (street wear, not for yoga or exercise) that I've found: Spanx leggings. They are awesome. I have them in faux leather, velvet, and camo. They are thick, warm, high quality, very flattering, and have really cute styles. They usually have promo codes and sales for 20% off (if you're reading this on Black Friday, it's on today), so look out for that. I love them so much I asked for more this year for Christmas, and for some of their Perfect Black Pants in the Hi-Rise Flare.

For The Traveler

Here is a list of stuff I use all the time when I travel. They ALL make my life easier when I'm on the go. For flights or hotel rooms that aren't dark enough. A girl has to get her beauty rest...
So that even when I overpack, it doesn't look like I did. 

TSA approved liquids bag: lets you have WAY more than a quart sized ziplock due to the strength of the plastic and the shape. I've recommended this one several times. I don't fly without it. 
Travel Battery Powered toothbrush. 

Bag insert organizer. This comes in different sizes, but this one I use in my Longchamps luggage shoulder bag. I can place my small lap top, water bottle, wallet, keys, passport, kindle, and a few other items. It is thick felt so it stands up nicely and keeps things in order. 
I don't travel without my perfume. This lets me travel with it and I don't have to pack the big glass bottle. 

 Beauty Favorites

I've been using this Jane Iredale lip tint for years. It's always in my makeup bag. It gives a nice tint and still looks very, very natural. 
Lip Gloss go-tos. Love this one by Buxom and Bobbi Brown.

​I use these every night to wash my face. They are soft and gentle. I love how they really suds-up my cleanser. Hang it by the loop to quickly dry. 
This curling wand/straightener answered a lot of needs for me. I found it because I like to have the option to curl or straighten my hair. When I travel, there's no room to pack two hair tools. This tool does both. There's a little bit of a learning curve with using it to curl, so practice a few times when you're not rushed. The other problem this solved for me is this: it's dual voltage. This means I can use it when I travel to other countries without a converter. So... travel friendly, curls, and straightens.  (Note: I have fine hair. It works well with my hair, but read the reviews if you have super curly or coarse hair.)

MY wishlist

Here are a couple things on my own list this year...​Cleo Wade's new book. I cannot wait to get this and read it. Heart Talk (listed above) has meant SO much to me. I can't wait to see what this one says. 
Another book that looks awesome and full of inspiration for the classes I teach: Yung Pueblo's Inward. He's a great follow on Instagram as well: @yung_pueblo

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