Mealime: 3 Reasons To Try This App

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This app is my new favorite thing. It has inspired me with new recipes and made my life so. much. easier. Get this app if you want to have access to delicious recipes, make your grocery runs more efficient, and make your cooking time in the kitchen easier. To be clear, I'm not getting any kind of affiliate access or kickbacks from Mealime. Zero. They don't even know I exist. I just really, really, really love this app and am passionate about giving you— my readers— quality content. (wink.) This app will make your life easier and your meals delicious. Read on for three reasons why this app is worth downloading...
Three reasons why Mealime is so fantastic...

Recipe   Quality

For starters, every recipe I've used has been delicious, so let's get that out of the way. I've used it for Meatless Monday (vegetarian recipes) and just general healthy eating. I have not been disappointed yet. And I use the free version!  Yes, you can upgrade to access more recipes and to have the ability to search for recipes with certain caloric requirements. I may do that at some point. However, right now I just use the free version and am extremely pleased.

Organized   Meal   Planning   &
​faster   Grocery   Shopping

Next, it makes your meal planning and grocery shopping faster and more efficient. You can search for specific types of recipes by food, by diet, etc. Easily toggle to change the serving quantity (from 2 servings to 4 or 6), and the app automatically updates the ingredient list quantities for you.When you find a recipe you like, add it to your meal plan. You can add several recipes to the meal plan, which is handy if you want to plan out your meals for the entire week.

When you're done adding recipes to your meal plan, just click "Build This Meal Plan" (as shown below) and it generates a grocery list for you with the ingredients for all of the recipes combined... organized by section! Eeeeek!
​See (below) how it organizes your list for you?!? The spices will be listed together, as will the produce, etc, (including the quantity you need) which cuts out so much time spent zig-zagging all over the grocery store. Before I get to the store, I like to scroll through the generated grocery list and check off items I already own (like olive oil, salt, pepper, and other staples) to have a shortened and accurate shopping list.

Open the Mealime app while grocery shopping and as you pick up the items, check it off on your list and the item will disappear. Poof! Gone! Nice and neat. No more forgetting items on a cluttered list, or scribbling with a pen. This makes my time in the grocery store much more efficient so I can focus on more important things like not seeing anyone I know. (Kidding. Kind of.)Later, as you actually use the recipe, it's just magic...

Cooking   Is   easier

Yes, I am claiming that your time spent cooking will be more laid-back and less frustrating.For starters, it lists the equipment you'll need right from the get-go. You can get out the correct pan(s), can opener, or gadgets needed right away. But this function is also helpful for when you are perusing recipes. If you know right off the bat that you don't have a blender, then you'll know not to waste your time on that recipe.

The real magic is that it tells you not only what to do, but also the quantity of each ingredient as you go. If you've ever cooked with a recipe from your phone or your laptop, you'll know this frustration well. Instead of saying "add the salt and crushed red pepper," Mealime will list the quantity, too  (Add 1/2 teaspoon salt and 1/4 teaspoon crushed red pepper). That may not sound like a big deal, but I cook with recipes on my phone a lot, and having to constantly scroll up to recall the quantity of the ingredient and back down to the recipe while cooking gets annoying and time consuming. Bonus: while you're on the "Instructions" tab, your phone screen stays lit up. No more constantly swiping to open your phone with dirty hands.
My time spent cooking is much more relaxed and enjoyable, so that I can do the things I really love to do: act like I'm a great cook, pet my dogs, dance around my kitchen to great music and drink wine.I know, I know. There really is something so nice about using a real cookbook. I still use all of mine, too. But practically speaking, this is great for weeknight meals. There are so many recipes on this app, which organizes the list for you, and seamlessly delivers the recipe to you... don't be stubborn. Give this app a try.

​My only feedback for them: give the people a wine pairing. 🙂

Here's to making your life easier, healthier and more delicious!
Love & Light.

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