Work Break: Yoga At Your Desk

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Most of us get tired or feel strained at some point throughout the day. However, sitting all day can really take a toll on the body. Read on and watch my YouTube video for a short, but effective, yoga sequence you can do right at your desk... without weirding out your co-workers.
When we're seated for large chunks of time, we usually don't feel great! We don't even realize we are doing it, but we let ourselves sink into "bad" posture. We round at the shoulders, slump in the spine, and have zero core activation. When we continue that posture over long periods of time, we eventually develop real muscle imbalances in the body, which is concerning. Furthermore, when slumped over like that,  we don't even have proper breathing, so I'm not being dramatic when I say your actual health can suffer. When you aren't breathing properly, you simply aren't getting enough oxygen to your organs.Sitting can be bad for your health. We develop tightness in certain areas of the body, and weakness in others.

Many occupations are plagued by this: those who sit at a desk all day, those who drive in a car most of the day, those who are constantly bending over (from vets to dentists to mechanics), or anyone who performs a certain movement over and over and over. Repeating or holding any movement that deviates from a healthy and natural posture is something to be aware of.

Yoga to the rescue! This yoga sequence will open up some of the tight areas, activate some of the weak areas, bring activation to your posture and awareness to your breath. Basically, we will try to bring some balance back to your body (and mind). Even if you're having a busy day, make sure to get up a move a few times.

Try this sequence a few times, then feel free to build your own mini-sequence to do several times throughout your day.

​​Love and Light.

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