Small Town Yogini's Gift Guide: 2020

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Many people would agree— just getting 2020 over and done with is enough of a gift this season. But in case you'd like to get someone a thoughtful gift this year, I'm putting out my yearly gift guide anyway. I get excited about this post every year! As always, you'll find ideas for a wide variety of interests and in a wide variety of price ranges. These are items that I personally own, enjoy, and recommend. {For more inspiration, here are links to my gift guide from 2019gift guide from 2018 and also my gift guide from 2017.}BUT— it's always worth repeating— stuff is just stuff. The best gift you can give your friends, family, children, and even your pets, is your time and attention. Plan something to do together, make something together, give to a charity together, or just do something out of the ordinary. The best gifts don't cost money.

Xoxo, Merry Christmas, & Happy Everything.  🙂

*My Amazon links are through my Amazon Affiliate membership, so I earn a small fee (at  zero additional cost to you) if you purchase through my link, which helps support my blog. Thanks, friends!

Around the house

As a loyal Volcano candle lover for many years, I've stopped buying the candles. I've been disappointed with the quality of their candles going down over the years as the scent has gotten more and more popular. ALL of my recent Volcano candles have tunneled badly and wasted so much of the candle. So when my sister-in-law gave me this for my birthday, I was super excited to have a way to continue to fill my house with the scent! Put a few drops in your diffuser (like this one!) and voila!
Such a cute glass hummingbird feeder! I have a thing for hummingbirds and I get a lot of joy from watching them make snack stops at this feeder on my deck.
A fun stocking stuffer for the brunch lover in your life.
I don't know why, but it makes my morning tea so much more fun to have a cute mug like this. Plus it keeps it hot for much longer than a normal mug. Good for travel, and even though mine doesn't quite fit in my car cup holder, I still take it with me anyway. 🙂
I now have 3 Ruggable rugs: this one in my kitchen, an outdoor one and a large 8x10 in my living room. I have washed and dried them and they are simply fantastic for a farmhouse with big dogs. You can find more designs (hundreds!!!) at
Note: About that 8x10 rug. Ruggable claims it will fit in a standard washing machine, but I took mine to a laundromat and used a high capacity washing machine. Still, I don't mind doing that every few months to have a clean rug that I love. 
Seems trivial, I know. What can I say? I decided in January of 2020 that I needed a real, adult, functional, work zone and desk. Sprucing it up to be pleasing to look at as well as organized and functional has made a HUGE difference in my work experience and productivity. It's the little things...
I bought this gorgeous chair for my desk to make my workspace a little chicer.  (I had to put it together, but it was easy.​)
... and this faux fur rug / throw to put on that gorgeous emerald velvet chair to make my workspace cozy. I love this little throw. It does not shed fibers and it's really cute on the chair. They say it's washable, but I haven't needed to yet. Now... this is super cute and not horribly offensive as being tacky-fake, but it is not a real fur. Just keep that in mind.
Not only do I have one at my desk (in gold, of course), but I also have one in my kitchen since I cook using recipes on my phone so much. These really come in handy for that purpose.
Thanks to my sister-in-law for this recommendation! I recently fixed up a huge magnolia tree in my back yard to be an alfresco dining area. I strung up several of these string lights and they are so pretty! I've had them up now for 4 months and they are still working fine. Tip: make sure you have an outdoor rated dimmer (this is the one I bought) with remote and that way you can change up the brightness and ambiance. It's well worth the $30 to have the remote and dimmer option.

The cotton used in their blankets and towels are grown very close to my part of South Carolina! High quality and beautiful. I don't own one, but I've bought one as a gift for my mother-in-law and it is beautiful and cozy.
This is my cousin's Etsy shop, and YES, I own those two ornaments above! She makes all colors of labs, and also does a few other dog breeds. If your pooch isn't listed, send her a message and ask! She's super crafty and chances are she can make it! Handmade, adorable, and a great gift for a dog lover to honor a special pet.


Here are a few outstanding books that I highly recommend. Some of them I have recommended before and some were new to me in 2020...
For journaling, gratitude journaling, brainstorming, quotes— anything! I have several. I always have my red one handy for ideas for my blog posts and my email newsletter.
Some erasable pens for all of your journaling... or in my case for my planner since I'm always revising it. Give it with the journal above or below for a nice gift.
No idea how many times I've recommended this journal— a lot. This is a gratitude journal and a great way to start and end your day. Cannot recommend this journal enough.
Straight from my November monthly newsletter (sign up here!)... I searched high and low for the perfect new planner for the upcoming year and chose this one. I love it— it's not super bulky and can fit in my small computer tote bag, it lays flat (a nice perk for a lefty like me!), has plenty of space on the weekly page view, and has a 30 day goal tracker for every month.​Oh, and get some fun stickers like these​ to make your weekly planning a little more fun! 

Most surprising find on amazon for 2020...

I needed a lounge-around-the-house layer and stumbled upon this on Amazon, of all places. I loved it so much I bought another in a different color. These are great for lounge clothes around the house, or to layer for yoga. So cozy and I was delighted to find a cute, cozy, and good quality layer on Amazon for so cheap.
So then I tried the same company's joggers for lounging around the house also... love them, too. They are cozy but lightweight, and slim joggers. Not quite leggings, not quite baggy joggers, but somewhere in between. The only improvement I'd make is a better ribbon for the drawstring. But overall, so comfy and cozy, I'd definitely recommend them for PJs / lounging-around-the-house.

constant favorites of mine...

I've worn Birks since the 10th grade but they've all been more functional than stylish. But this summer, I bought this pair to wear with dresses in spring and summer. They are so cute, and just like all Birks you can wear them all day long in comfort. It was good timing because Puppy Willie chewed up my all time favorite pair very soon after. ​
Spotify Subscription
I use Spotify daily— constantly. It's no longer just for streaming music, but also for all kinds of podcasts. Of course, there is a free version with commercials and other limitations. For paying members, they also have family rates. ​
Buxom Customizable Eyeshadow Palette @ ULTA
No point in buying lipstick right now while we're all having to wear masks, right? I own this palette and it is fantastic. Their eyeshadow quality is great, and you can choose the colors you want to add to the palette. How annoying is it when you have a palette you love, but there's always 2 or 3 colors that you never wear? Buy the customizable plastic palette, then slide the eyeshadows in. You can change them out for variety or just replace when you run out of one of them, without having to buy an entire new palette. I've had my palette for several years now, use it daily, and it's still in good shape, unlike a lot of make up cases that break easily. Highly recommend.
Palette Link Here 
Eyeshadows Link Here

Fitness Gear

These are just a few highlights. If you want more in this category, check out my Home Gym Recommendations post for tons of ideas for home workout equipment.
Of course, fitness trackers are great for making sure you get your 10,000 steps in everyday, but I mostly use mine for heart rate tracking and sleep tracking. I'm still searching for a sleeker band to wear with street clothes (yes, the band is interchangeable).
A clear favorite of mine and of the women I train. A slam ball will not only load your movements (I prefer 15 lb) and get your heart rate up, but will vent your frustrations quite effectively. 🙂

Another favorite of mine in my home gym. Use my TRX Ambassador coupon code  TRXAMB10V2AC7X for 10% off through 12/31/20.

Misc Stocking Stuffers

I gave these to all the women in my life this year for Mother's Day and I must confess I wanted to keep one for myself. They come in many colors and scents. Handmade in the USA and I love this part of the description: Created by a pair of teenage sisterpreneurs.
I love these for when I'm tired. It's a temporary way to plump the skin around your eyes.
 I got my husband one of these this year since he is a farmer and is always dealing with heavy machinery (farming is a dangerous profession). So for him, it's more of a safety thing. However, many guys who frequent the gym wear these also— much more comfortable while lifting weights and to avoid damage to a metal wedding band.

My Favorite Purchase of 2020

I use these ALL THE TIME. For audiobooks and music— I'm always listening to something. I use them on walks and runs, while cleaning my house, and for Zoom sessions. Perhaps my favorite function is for phone visits with family and friends. No more holding the phone with my ear and shoulder (ouch!) or compromising audio quality by relying on speaker mode. I got the ones with the noise cancellation function and I cannot recommend that enough (especially for travel or housecleaning a vacuum).

My Most popular Recommendation ever...

Of course, I have no way of tracking if this is really my most popular rec ever, but it is definitely the one I have gotten them most feedback from. This little frother has made many people's mornings happier, and for that I'm glad. 🙂 So for all the coffee lovers who love lattes and cappuccinos... this will make your morning coffee that much more of  a treat. Enjoy.

​Lastly, don't forget about little ways you can make someone's day. Those are often the most meaningful gifts. Here are some ideas below:
• a small Starbucks gift card
• homemade cookies
• a coffee or happy hour date with a friend to catch up on life
• a used book
• a handwritten favorite recipe
• a framed photo
• taking a fun class together: dance, fitness, cooking, crafts, painting
• plan a themed night together: make supper together and chose a movie

For more ideas, check out my past three year's Gift Guides here. Remember: stuff is just stuff. It's time and love that are the best gifts. 

Love + Light.

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