Hot Weather Workout Wear

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woman in workout gear, including shorts and a workout tank top, holding small dumbbells

Hot-weather-workout-wear recommendations coming at ya! Read on for two of my favorite hot-weather workout wardrobe staples, and why I love them.

This photo shows them both and documents my first workout since the baby arrived! I'm VERY excited to get moving again 4 weeks postpartum with some super gentle exercises, and so excited to be able to once again wear my favorite shorts for summer workouts. Just in time, because it’s HOT in South Carolina in the summer. 

[I’m part of the lululemon collective and will receive a commission (at zero additional cost to you) if you make a purchase through the links below.]

Why I Love These Shorts...

These lululemon shorts are my favorites for anything active in hot weather.

They’re actually running shorts, and I wear them for not only running, but also walking, hiking, and summer workouts. Here, I’m wearing them to gently ease back into my workout routine with some very, very, easy moves for my postpartum body that simply focus on fundamentals: breathing, pelvic floor activation, core activation, and posture/alignment. I also did some mobility work and gentle stretching. That’s it (for now). Power yoga and circuit workouts will come back in time.

These shorts, though! They have a built-in sweat-wicking liner which makes them super comfy and super cool in hot weather. They are stretchy and very comfortable.

And they have small pockets on the waistband in the front and in the back. I love the pockets, especially the back pocket with a zipper for anything you need to keep secure. It's big enough for ID/credit cards and keys, etc. It's actually big enough for an iPhone, but that feels a little bulky to me. However, you could use it that way if you needed to. It's definitely a nice feature if you're doing something active and don't want to carry your phone around.

I have several pairs of these shorts, and they are fantastic. They come in all kinds of fun colors and lululemon has similar shorts in various lengths if these short ones aren’t your preference. 

They're lightweight and these are also my go-to shorts for traveling. They dry quickly, a "must" for activewear for quick washings on vacation and for packing lightly.

They're also stylish and cute... seriously, what more could you ask for?

Why I Love The Tank...

As for the tank, if you read any of my prenatal posts over the last few months you know that the lululemon Cool Racerback in Nulu (also shown in pic) is my go-to tank for many, many activities.

I have this tank in many colors. While it is designed for yoga, I also use it for walks, hiking, workouts, traveling, and even lounging.

The Nulu fabric is super soft, stretchy, and sweat-wicking. It holds its shape nicely, and I can definitely vouch for that since I wore all of mine up until the very end of my pregnancy (literally— I went to the hospital wearing one) and they all still fit perfectly— they did not lose shape after all that belly!

I've even layered these for travel— they blend in great as street clothes. They are very versatile.


Remember, I never recommend anything that I don’t personally own, use, and love. Happy running/walking/hiking/traveling/yoga/lounging with these two favorites of mine! 

Love + Light.

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