Travel : Banff & Jasper Itinerary

Hi Friends! I love a good adventure and get asked pretty often for my trip notes. Thus, this "column" was born. 🙂 A place where I simply post my travel itineraries with notes and insight. Hopefully, it will give you some tips and help if you ever find yourself traveling to the same places.My husband […]
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How To: Travel & Still Eat Healthy

I just got back from Texas where I attended a 4 day yoga training, and got inspired to write this very post. One of my favorite things to do is travel, but there's no doubt that it's challenging to stick to your healthy eating habits when you're on the go. Over the years and adventures […]
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Gratitude, Travel and India

I can't believe it's been a year since I boarded a plane to India. I’ve been missing it a lot lately since it was this time last year that I was packing for my trip... And that has me thinking a lot about my experience in India and the whole adventure of it all. What stands out from […]
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