Spring Salad : Strawberry + Walnut + Feta + Spinach + Chicken

The best part about this spring salad?! It’s healthy, easy & fast. It takes me longer to cube the chicken than it does to make the rest of it. This is best when strawberries are in season, so make sure you have red, ripe berries. Read on for the recipe. A lot of ingredients here […]
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Yoga Flow: Moving With Side Plank

Here's a little snippet you can try the next time you step on your yoga mat. Use this flow to help you build the strength, stability and balance needed for side planks. Here's how you can use this snippet. Use it for inspiration if you're developing a home practice. (Sometimes having a little guidance is […]
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Spice Up Your Planks

These moves are great for the abs and glutes! If your Plank practice is getting a little boring, try these simple progressions. Use these progressions to make your Plank a little more challenging, or just for variety. Add them into your yoga practice or have a quick workout of just these moves if you’re short on time. […]
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